Hi, I'm Kimberly. I've got two kids: Clover, who is a crazy smart seven year old, and Rocket, a four year old who uses his long eyelashes and single dimple to win everyone over. No, those are not their real names, but they are their real nicknames. My husband Kevin would say he's the rational one here and I'll let that go without comment. We live in a little house on a hill with a pug and a turtle.

As a former reporter, I have a love for deadlines. I take notes all the time. Taking pictures is a passion too and I've taken on the task of family documentarian. I currently use a Canon Rebel T1i, with which I have a love-hate relationship.

I use profanity way too much. I'm type-A. I yell at the TV while watching football. The yelling frequently features a long string of profanity. Go all Bay Area teams! (With the Giants and 49ers at the top of the list.)

I love Starbucks, cider, the beach, travel, Project Runway, sandwiches made by other people, Apple products, knitting, robots, gummy candy, and family adventures. I listen to podcasts each night to fall asleep.

This is my view of our life.